Ways to Buy Rough Diamonds

Diamonds costs much. Do you know that the quality of the diamond cut and its processing add value to the stone? One way to save and earn profits on diamonds is by learning how to buy rough stones, have them cut and polished by an expert cutter. But this process is not simple because it involves grave financial risks and plenty of scam. But before you buy rough diamonds, follow these seven simple rules.

Rule #1: It is important that you know the classification of uncut stones

If your plan is to buy rough diamonds, you simply cannot proceed without learning about the basics, such as pricing, crystalline structure, color tests and others. That is so, except if you can afford to hire someone who can help make decisions for you. Classification of uncut diamonds is not the same as the 4Cs of cut or polished stones.

Rule #2: Make purchase deals only with a credible vendor

Sometimes buyers are tempted to deal with unreliable sources because they sell diamonds at lower prices. The odds of being scammed are pretty high and purchasing diamonds from unauthorized individuals can bring you a lot of trouble legally.

Rule #3: Get your own tools to check the diamonds in daylight

Bright and proper lighting is important in examining uncut diamonds; without it the true color may be hidden or altered. Getting your own tools for meticulous examination of uncut diamonds would greatly help in a good investment with uncut diamonds.

Rule #4: Quality rough diamonds is important

Have the rough diamonds appraised by a lab or independent appraiser so that you can return them if they do not meet your criteria of quality.

Rule #5: Have a skilled cutter for your uncut diamonds

Most likely, rough diamonds will need to be cut for your own use or for reselling. Do not waste your investment on poor workmanship and improper handling of an inexperienced cutter.

Rule #6: Have your uncut diamonds appraised before and after

If the uncut diamonds have been exchanged for another lower quality, it won’t be easy to tell. Before cutting the rough diamonds have an appraisal by an expert appraiser; then do the same after the cutting.

Rule #7: Buy diamonds that are conflict-free

It is difficult to sell blood diamonds and if you can, they are at lower prices than expected. In your purchase of rough diamonds, ensure that it has the Kimberly process certification. It is very important to have a thorough understanding about the world of diamonds in order to correctly choose, purchase and cut rough diamonds. If you want rough diamonds as a cheaper alternative or to gain profits by reselling them, it is essential that you invest time to learn the tricks of the trade in order to get the utmost benefit.

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